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Tidings has tackled a wide range of topics from the D-Day invasion in World War II to the economics of Covid-19. They have brought us stories about racism around the world, of prima ballerinas, and the mysteries of the chessboard. Their interviews, blog posts, and podcasts with newsmakers bring clarity to a sweeping range of issues of our time.

Linda HervieuxBest Selling Author of 'Forgotten: The Untold Story of D-Day’s Black Heroes, at Home and at War'

I have learned a lot of things from reading all of Tidings' extremely educative posts for the past year, ranging from analysis on insightful economic issues to unsung historical stories. I believe in Tidings and hope that they will continue to redouble their efforts in enlightening and educating people from all across the globe.

Yaquba GussauSchool Teacher and Researcher, Nigeria

After a year of writing, Tidings has taught me the value of research and literature. I've learned tremendously from my experience of working with this organization. I've not only grown as a writer, researcher, and historian but also as a human being as I've articulated my love for history in numerous articles. Tidings definitely has enormous potential and has helped me recognize that I too have potential.

Sarah MasihWriter, Tidings' Writing Team

From complex topics making the headlines to Irish myths and the Choluteca bridge, Tidings consistently delivers high-quality educational material. The site shows how student leadership can make a difference, and how resourceful young students can be when they possess vision and commit to excellence. It’s a great resource for learning!

Nelson Endebo4th Year Ph.D Student & Educator, Stanford University

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Tidings Media

Where we discuss economics, history, and everything in between.

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