Jun 5, 2021

Podcast Resource List: Economics at Harvard

Considering how broad the field of economics is, it can be difficult for young economists to figure out how to learn, what to learn, whom to learn from, and more. 

Having a mentor who guides you is always extremely helpful. Hence, in this episode, we bring to you wisdom from not one, not two, but three mentors: Benjamin Hoffner-Brodsky, Gaurang Goel, and Tarun Timalsina, three upperclassmen studying economics at Harvard College.

We discuss a variety of topics from their experiences at Harvard, the importance of behavioral and political economics, future of India's economy, open-source learning, and their advice for young budding economists!

Links to the podcast episode: 

Finally, here’s the list of resources mentioned in the episodes:

  1. MIT blog post mentioned by Tarun
  2. Gaurang’s Recommended Resources of Professor Dani Rodrik’s Work
    1. Article on Premature Deindustrialization In The Developing World
    2. “The Past, Present, and Future of Economic Growth,” in Franklin Allen and others, Towards a Better Global Economy: Policy Implications for Citizens Worldwide in the 21st Century, Oxford University Press, Oxford, and New York, 2014.
  3. Reading List
    1. Why Nations Fail by Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson
    2. Narrow Corridor by Daron Acemoglu & James Robinson
    3. Mariana Mazzucato, "Mission-Oriented Innovation Policies:  Challenges and Opportunities," Oxford, Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 803-815.
    4. Justin Lin’s book on economics which greatly influenced Gaurang to study economics: Benti & Changwu: Dialogues on Methodology in Economics
  4. Institute For New Economic Thinking
    1. YouTube
    2. Website
  5. Recommendations by Ben
    1. Marginal Revolution University
    2. Tyler Cowen’s Podcast: Conversations with Tyler
    3. The Seen & The Unseen Podcast
    4. Farnam Street



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