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Tidings Media is an international student-run organization. 

We are committed to two things:  
1. Creating content on economics, history, and economic history to make these academic fields interesting to read, fun to learn, and accessible to understand!  
2. Help students think and write in an articulate, eloquent, and coherent manner.  

We do this through:

Our Articles!
Our Social Media!
Our Podcasts!
Our Events!

We don’t just write about textbook economics but bring it to life with ‘The Game Theory of Chess’ and ‘Economics Behind Moneyball’. We bring out stories buried in history books and break them down into a simple, engaging, and accessible format for everyone to read and remember.

We've done this with our incredible team of students from all around the world. We've worked with students who're as young as  13 in middle school to 24-year-olds in their graduate studies from India, the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Mexico, Turkey, Nigeria, Dubai, and more! In the past, even students from universities such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, and more have written for us.

So, regardless of how old you are, if you're a student with an interest in economics, history, or writing, then you'll feel at home working at Tidings! Join us!

Do you have any queries, suggestions, or feedback? Write to us!

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